Years of campaigning for silicosis action

Years of campaigning for silicosis action

Years of campaigning for silicosis action



First Australian case of engineered stone-related silicosis is identified, a 54-year-old stonemason in Queensland.

March 2019

Gold Coast stonecutter Anthony White becomes the first tradesman known to have died from silicosis, a disease caused by inhalation of crystalline silica dust. The death triggers a national debate.

July 2019

A national dust disease task force is set up to develop a national approach to the prevention, early identification, control, and management of occupational dust diseases including silicosis.

December 2019

Task force presents interim advice to the federal health minister.

June 2021

Task force presents its final report to the government. Report finds nearly one in four engineered stone workers who have been in the industry since 2018 are suffering from silicosis or other silica dust-related diseases.

April 2022

Federal, state and territory governments produce a response to the final report.

November 2022

Draft laws are released.

June 2023

Albanese Labor government introduces bill to parliament.


Paul Osborne
(Australian Associated Press)

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