Hope you are going OK.

COVID-19 has changed the landscape around the world and we hope that during these changing times you and yours are managing to stay safe and healthy.

At CPB we are doing our part in relation to social distancing and have reconfigured our office to provide more space for our people, allowed staff to work remotely where practical and reinforced the messages from our Government about cleanliness and hygiene.

In terms of our day to day operation, it’s business as usual.  Even though some of our staff are working remotely at times, we still have access to all of our data, which means that our advisers and staff can continue to provide you with the ongoing support and service that you expect from us.

We want you to know that your well being is our priority and if you have a meeting arranged with us, whilst we are currently meeting at the office, should that change we can still discuss your needs either by telephone or video conference, (Skype, Zoom or other agreed means) as convenient.  Where documents and signatures need to change hands between us, we will make suitable arrangements to allow this to happen in a secure and timely manner.

There has been concern around world about market volatility over the last year or so and we would advise (in a general sense), that now may not be the time to be making wholesale changes to your portfolios.  For our clients who rely on investments for income our strategy has generally been to have a number of years income in available cash as a buffer against any sudden down turn.   This allows time for market recovery and obviates the need for a sudden sale of assets, (which may crystallise a loss).  

Beyond this it is important to remember that investing is often a longer term proposition, that we need to sometimes mute the voices and noise that shout at us from the media, that we need to keep our emotions in check and continue to make rational decisions and finally, that we need to review our financial plans in light of our present circumstances.

Business as usual:

So, it is business as usual.  We are here still working and available and will be in touch in due course.  In the meantime, contact us in need, we wish you and your families good health.

Regards from all at CPB.

 "Information alone is not knowledge, just as knowledge is not wisdom, nor wisdom good judgement. The enduring value of a relationship derives from a professional who possesses not only good information, but also the judgement and experience to implement it wisely"

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We offer a complete solution to our clients, enabling them to achieve their lifestyle & financial aspirations with confidence and certainty.

This site contains information about who we are, what we do and how you can contact us to discuss your own circumstances. It will assist you in learning more about our services and be a valuable resource for financial information.

There are some tools, such as "Calculators" which you can use to obtain snapshot feedback on your own situation. There are articles of interest on investment, asset protection and financial planning that can be found in our "News" section as well as a number of economic reports. We have also included some technical papers explaining a little of the regulation and legislation that surrounds the financial services industry in Australia.

Today, more than ever it is important to be well informed so that you can make wise choices for the choices you make will determine the security and well being of your tomorrows.Far more important than markets and products, is the enduring value that is derived from a personal financial strategy, put together by a professional who possess not only good information, but also the judgement and experience to implement it wisely.

At CPB we form relationships with people that enables us to better understand their circumstances, identify their challenges, needs and wants and develop solutions to achieve their goals.

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