There is no doubt that now days, Financial Planning and legislation go hand in hand. In fact, anything to do with money generally is affected in one way or another by Government regulations.

Little wonder then, that when CPB decided to go down the track of establishing its Centrelink Liason Service back in 1998 it had a high take up rate from its clients.

Running as a partner service to the financial planning and investment advice of CPB's Advisers, CPB's Centrelink Liaison Service simplifies and eases our clients through the complex world of Centrelink and the Dept of Veterans Affairs regulations -scheduling events and setting up investments to the client's best advantage,ensuring that clients are able to claim all of their entitlements, completing all initial paperwork and collecting all supporting documents to facilitate hassle free benefit claims, attending the Centrelink office on behalf of the client and once established, dealing with all ongoing paperwork, correspondence and reporting to Centrelink for our clients.

Why did we choose to do this?

Firstly, because (as we said previously) Government legislation is so much a part of the every day issues that surround money and financial planning... and secondly we started the Centrelink Liaison Service because we could!

We have over 50 years of Centrelink experience working for us in our office!

Fred was with Centrelink for 20 years eventually as a Financial Information Officer before coming to CPB in 1998... (he started it!). (Even though Fred recently retired his legacy through our Centrelink Liaison Service remains).  Then there's Anna, she had 10 years in the Centrelink system and arrived at CPB in 2008, and finally Karen, (whilst never working for Centrelink) heads up our Centrelink Liaison team. Karen's been doing that since 2001.  All of this along with the obvious experience of our other planners, Michael, Robert, Vanita, Keiran and the rest of our people means that we have a tremendous grasp of all things Centrelink.

In addition we have an excellent relationship with our local Centrelink office and their staff and find them to be very helpful in our day to day dealings with them. We can even directly access and update, (with your authority) certain information online to Centrelink from our office.

So if you want to ensure that you receive all of your Centrelink entitlements, without the need to deal directly with the Centrelink office then maybe our Centrelink Liaison Service is for you.

Call or contact us today and make a time for an obligation free chat. We will explain the Service, our responsibilities and the help we ask of our clients.... (such as keeping us informed of changes to their circumstances).

This, along with a regular financial review of your investments with one of our Planners will go a long way to ensuring a trouble free Centrelink experience.

These are some of our client's Centrelink issues that we deal with here at CPB on a daily basis;

  • Age Pension
  • Dept Veteran's Affairs Pension
  • Pension Bonus Qualification and Application
  • Senior's Card
  • Disability Support Pensions
  • Carer Allowances and Payments
  • Asset Test
  • Income Test
  • Gifting
  • Aged Care Facilities and impact of lifestyle change on Centrelink benefits
  • Granny Flats
  • Overseas Pensions
  • Centrelink Reviews
  • Rent Assistance
  • The Centrelink Appeals Process
  • Changes in circumstance for Member or couples
  • Changes to Marital Status
  • Low Income Health Care Card


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