Financial Planning

Our team of financial planners are in the business of giving advice aimed at meeting your needs. Meeting your needs means firstly establishing what it is that you want. To enable us to do this we ask you questions about your needs, dreams and goals, your current situation and then complete an analysis. The analysis will reveal what is important to you and enable us to make suitable recommendations

We are accredited through Finplan to give advice on:

  • Financial Planning for Retirement
  • Pre Retirement Pensions
  • Transition options towards Retirement
  • Superannuation Contributions & Lump Sum Payments
  • Self Managed Superannuation (SMSF)
  • Rollovers and Super Consolidation
  • Tax effective saving through Salary Sacrifice
  • Lump Sum Investing
  • Making the most of your Redundancy
  • Allocated Pensions and Annuities
  • Effective Social Security & Centrelink strategies
  • Savings and Regular Investing
  • General advice about obtaining credit
  • Referral to accredited lenders and credit writers
  • Managing Personal Risk
    • Life Insurance
    • Trauma Cover
    • Income Protection
    • Director and Shareholder Protection

Centrelink Liaison Service

Overwhelmed by the Regulations, the volume of forms and information required by Centrelink? Confused about what may be available to you and the best way to maximise your entitlements?

Then we offer a unique service to you as a Client of CPB.

As your appointed nominee, we will liaise with Centrelink on your behalf. This means that we are able to handle all of your Centrelink and Department of Veterans Affairs issues for you and ensure that you receive your correct entitlements. We help you determine your investment needs and providing access to a wide range of fund managers to placing funds to your best advantage, we will ensure that you have every opportunity to get all of your entitlements.

We will provide the initial analysis of your entitlements, complete applications for benefits, attend the local Centrelink office if necessary on your behalf, and deal with any ongoing correspondence.  Once you are established, we work with you to ensure the regular updating of your records with the appropriate departments.

This is an ongoing administration service that reports and updates on your behalf.

CPB has been providing Centrelink Liaison to its clients since 1998 and we are good at what we do. (Clients on the Centrelink Liaison Service do have a responsibility to let us know if there is a change to their circumstances that should be passed on to Centrelink – (we might be pretty good but it needs to be a team effort... and we can point out the sorts of things that we need to know).

Please click here for more information about our Centrelink Liaison service.

Other Services

Today, more than ever it is difficult to be all things to all people so when clients have needs that are outside our scope of expertise, we are happy to refer them to other professionals to ensure that their needs are catered for.

In this way we can ensure that our clients have access to quality advice in relation to;

  • Accounting and Taxation Advice
  • Finance & Leasing
  • Car, Home and Business Insurance
  • Wills and Estate Planning Advice

Authorised Representatives of Finplan Advice Pty Ltd ABN 16 630401713

Australian Financial Services Licensee 514281